2003 OPERATION MANKIND, an international mail art project,exhibition at "Kunstkabinett", LBK Hospital, Hamburg

2002 Virtual Poetry Webbased virtual poetry with audio and video

2001 kunstserie.com Virtual Poetry - Painting - Internet

2000 Crosses of the Earth A networking art project: Homage to Indigenous People, Contemporary Art Museum, Santiago de Chile

1998 Port of Mail Art, Mail Art Installation in the old elb tunnel under the river Elbe during 24 hours, ELBART 98, Hamburg

1997 Reeperbahn Mail Art Show
Mail Art Installation in a old tunnel under the river "Elbe" in context of ELBART 97, Hamburg

1996 A Tribute to Guillermo Deisler
portfolio of visual poetry, limited edition of 100 with the participation of 58 artists. Exhibitions in St. Kilda, Australia, and Artestudio, Ponte Nossa, Italy


1992-1995 Help me to paint
a networking art project with the participation of 168 artists of 27 countries, exhibition Galeria Posada del Corregidor, Santiago de Chile, 1995

1991-1992 Origen Project: 500 years of genocide & colonialism
two portfolio in limited edition 100 and 120 with the participation of 96 artists of 20 countries. Exhibitions in Chile, Hamburg and Australia by the year 1992

1987-1992 La Preciosa Nativa (The Pretty Native) cofounder and coeditor of the artist group and magazine in Santiago de Chile