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Hans Braumüller: Paintings, Virtual and Visual Poetry, Networking Art Projects

Malerei, Virtuelle Poesie, Kunst Netzwerk Projekte, Mail Art, Austellungen, Konzepte, seit 1986 bis heute


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painting, exhibitions,concepts, visual & virtual poetry, networking art projects, mail art, since 1986 to today



Pinturas, Poesía Visual y Virtual, Proyectos de Arte en Red, Arte Correo, Conceptos, Exposiciones, desde 1986 hasta ahora




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Dear visitor, friends, mail artists, social activist and avantgarde fellower of any kind of work for a better future,
I do with my art not enough money to make a living in a economic way, but trying to survive as a conscious living being on this planet earth, supporting with my art projects issues like human rights, free expression and survival for our indigenious or native people in Chile or else where: Their voices are my voice, our spirits from the four corners and races are coming together to save our planet.

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